Wild Rice Table Linens by Milliken

Milliken Milliken's Wild Rice is a textured commercial table linen fabric that mimics the look of Irish linen. The linen look is achieved with "slubs" - small, thin, raised knots throughout the fabric. These slubs are woven into the fabric by design to create the elegant, but casual look Wild Rice is known for.

Ameritex Industries is one of the largest volume manufacturing distributors of Milliken's Wild Rice in the United States. In addition to the fabric's design, our customers are also attracted to its easy care. While not entirely wrinkle resistant, Wild Rice will wrinkle less than other Milliken Table Linen fabrics. That means less maintenance is required to keep Wild Rice products looking table-ready. (Of course, that's something that can't be said of Irish linen which wrinkles terribly.)

Like all Milliken Table Linen fabrics, Wild Rice is also stain resistant, colorfast and designed for maximum longevity. If you own or operate a commercial dining facility, these are critical details you need to know when you buy restaurant table linens.

Yes, Milliken Table Linens may cost you more in the short-run, but over time you'll find your total cost of ownership will actually be lower than if you had purchased cheap table linens and replaced them often due to stains and wearing out. That's why - for more than two decades - we've advised our customers to buy Milliken Table Linens.

Features of Wild Rice

  • Available in 15 standard colors
  • Known for its linen look and easy care
  • Commercial grade 100% polyester
  • Stain resistant, colorfast, longevity

Order Wild Rice Table Linens

Milliken's Wild Rice restaurant table linens are manufactured (cut and sewn) in the USA by Ameritex Industries and sold through our network of wholesale linen distributors. Both standard and custom sizes are available. For a free quote, click the "Get Quote" button below.

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