Signature Plus Table Linens by Milliken

Milliken Of all the celebrated Milliken Table Linen fabrics, one out shines them all - Signature Plus. Why? Because Signature Plus is the embodiment of the 100% polyester commercial table linens revolution Milliken began more than 25 years ago.

That revolution was about changing the fiber content of restaurant table linens from 100% cotton (or 50/50 cotton/polyester blend) to 100% polyester. Of course you know how that story ends (100% polyester Milliken Table Linens went from new kid on the block to market leader in just a few years). But with Signature Plus, Milliken has written a new chapter.

Signature is known as the 100% polyester table linen fabric that feels like 100% cotton. That's always been its primary appeal. But with the release of Signature Plus, Milliken has been able to retain the soft touch of the fabric while dramatically improving its stain resistance. That means fewer soiled pieces so your replacement costs stay low.

Features of Signature Plus

Signature Plus
  • Available in 26 standard colors
  • Known for its soft touch (similar to cotton)
  • Commercial grade 100% polyester
  • Stain resistant, colorfast, longevity

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Milliken's Signature Plus restaurant table linens are manufactured (cut and sewn) in the USA by Ameritex Industries and sold through our network of wholesale linen distributors. Both standard and custom sizes are available. For a free quote, click the "Get Quote" button below.

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