Rose Pattern Table Linens by Milliken

Milliken Rose Pattern is an allover design from Milliken's Damask HD program. The "HD" stands for "High Definition" and refers to the revolutionary advancements in yarn and fabric construction Milliken has been able to achieve. These manufacturing advancements dramatically increase the contrast between the woven design and the plain woven background of the cloth. The result is an allover rose pattern design that really "pops" on the fabric!

The rose pattern design itself is the image of single rose surrounded by foliage. Each measures approximately 5"x5" with the design repeated throughout the fabric. This repeated, allover rose pattern design creates a lush appearance perfect for restaurants that want to create a decorative environment.

Despite its delicate appearance, Rose Pattern is as hard working as every other member of the Milliken Table Linen family. These are fabrics built for the commercial conditions of your restaurant. You need your restaurant table linens to be stain resistant, colorfast and built to last. And when those are the factors that matter most, no line of commercial table linens can hold a candle to Milliken Table Linens.

Features of Rose Pattern

  • Available in 19 standard colors
  • Allover rose pattern design
  • Commercial grade 100% polyester
  • Stain resistant, colorfast, longevity

Order Rose Pattern Table Linens

Milliken's Rose Pattern restaurant table linens are manufactured (cut and sewn) in the USA by Ameritex Industries and sold through our network of wholesale linen distributors. Both standard and custom sizes are available. For a free quote, click the "Get Quote" button below.

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