Lattice Placemats by Milliken

Milliken Milliken's Lattice is a commercial grade placemat fabric that has taken the restaurant industry by storm. Its popularity stems from its modern design and versatility. Perfect on glass or wood tabletops, Lattice placemats bring elegance to a casual dining setting.

Lattice is an allover pattern with three, short, stacked, parallel lines. Each stack is surrounded by the same design set in the opposing direction. This repeated, allover pattern creates a modern, updated look that's sure to please even the most discriminating restaurant owner.

Lattice placemats are made from two plies of heavy bonded fabric. Why two plies? To give the placemats durability and dimensional stability. This lowers your replacement costs and reduces the maintenance required to prevent excessive wrinkling.

Because Lattice is a part of the Milliken Table Linen family of commercial table linens, you can be sure you're buying a top quality product with characteristics like stain resistance, colorfastness and longevity. And when you buy Milliken restaurant table linens from Ameritex Industries, you can be sure you're buying from a long established manufacturing distributor that will be there to service your account year after year.

Features of Lattice

  • Available in 15 standard colors
  • Allover lattice pattern design
  • Two-ply, bonded fabric for extra strength
  • Commercial grade 100% polyester
  • Stain resistant, colorfast, longevity

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Milliken's Lattice restaurant table linens are manufactured (cut and sewn) in the USA by Ameritex Industries and sold through our network of wholesale linen distributors. Both standard and custom sizes are available. For a free quote, click the "Get Quote" button below.

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