Checkpoint Table Linens by Milliken

Milliken Milliken's Checkpoint is a casual restaurant table linen fabric made of 100% polyester. The style displays a repeated, allover 1"x1" check pattern design alternating between white, solid color and halftone boxes. This pattern is sometimes referred to as "gingham check".

Checkpoint table linens are popular for Italian restaurants, pizzerias and picnics. We also work with a number of marketing companies who use this fabric for promotional events.

Checkpoint fabric has all of the outstanding commercial grade characteristics as other Milliken Table Linen fabrics such as stain resistance, colorfastness and longevity. Of course these characteristics are very important when assessing the true cost of commercial table linens.

While generic brands may be less expensive initially, their low quality requires more maintenance and more frequent replacement. This makes Milliken's Checkpoint a better long-term investment. Also, specifically with check pattern fabrics, many generic brands print the pattern on the top of the fabric only. In contrast, Milliken's Checkpoint is yarn-dyed throughout so the pattern is richly displayed on both sides of the fabric.

Features of Checkpoint

  • Available in 4 standard colors
  • Allover 1"x1" check pattern design
  • Commercial grade 100% polyester
  • Stain resistant, colorfast, longevity

Order Checkpoint Table Linens

Milliken's Checkpoint restaurant table linens are manufactured (cut and sewn) in the USA by Ameritex Industries and sold through our network of wholesale linen distributors. Both standard and custom sizes are available. For a free quote, click the "Get Quote" button below.

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