Restaurant Table Linens & Promotional Linens

Our products are divided into two categories: Restaurant Table Linens and Promotional Linens. These products are generally sold to two very different types of customers - the former to wholesale linen distributors - the latter to promotional products distributors. Below is a preview of what you'll find in each product category.

Restaurant Table Linens

Milliken Table Linens are widely considered to be the best commercial grade table linens on the market. There are primarily four reasons for this

  1. Longevity
  2. Color retention
  3. Stain resistance
  4. Return on investment

Milliken Table Linens are available in the following fabric styles:

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Promotional Linens

Looking for a great way to promote your company or brand? Promotional linens could be the answer for many reasons. Here are four:

  1. High visibility products that will get your logo noticed
  2. Easy to decorate with methods like screen printing and embroidery
  3. Functional products your customers will use often and save for years
  4. Familiar products that will remind your customers of comfort and home

We offer promotional linen products in the following categories:

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