About Us & Our Wholesale Linens

Ameritex Industries is a manufacturer of high quality commercial grade table linens and promotional linens. We were founded in 1985. We're veteran-owned. Our corporate office is located in the middle of the country in the middle of the state of Illinois, but we ship from many points throughout the United States.

Are We The Right Linen Supplier For You?

We're polite, professional, highly detail-oriented, have a fair-minded approach to business, and enjoy our work. We tend to work best with customers with similar values.

We're more workhorse than showhorse. As such, our preference is to work anonymously in the background - always shipping in your name.

We're known as a financially sound company with strong, active leadership.

If you have a product need in any of our areas of expertise, please get in touch with us. If you have a product need slightly outside our areas of expertise, feel free to contact us anyway. We've been at it for almost three decades so we know quite a few people. If we can give you a friendly point in the right direction, we're happy to do it.

About Ameritex Industries